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"Treadmill Reviews"

"Make sure you don't
wind up with a piece of junk!"

I've been looking for a good treadmill. I've ridden an exercise bike -- semi-recumbent -- for years. I know cardio-vascular exercise is good, and riding a bike while watching a movie or something else on TV is easy enough that I actually get on the piece of cardio equipment a fair deal of the time.
However, it seems that everywhere I turn I read that treadmills are vastly superior in terms of the benefit you get for the time spent on them.

A study at the Medical College of Wisconsin (and published in JAMA) found that:

"Exercising on a treadmill at a level of effort catagorized as "somewhat hard" burned about 700 calories an hour, compared with [ . . . ] 498 on the regular stationary bike."

Many of you know that I am enamored with the people of the Paleolithic era. The main reason I eat low carb is because I believe our bodies are best suited to eat like hunters and gatherers.

So it's not really surprising to me that treadmills are being shown to be better for us than stationary bikes. Hunter gatherers walk and run, they don't ride! (Don't get me wrong, though. I have great respect for cyclists, and believe that the riders in the Tour de France have to be among the fittest humans on the planet.)

With that in mind, let's get started reviewing some treadmills, so we can start walking and running like a caveman (while we distract ourselves with movies and music :-) )

I've been running on a treadmill at my health club. So I'm very patient. But I am looking for a treadmill, so, I'm going treadmill shopping.

I thought I might as well do all my shopping and comparing publicly, so others could benefit from what I learn. You should know that . . .

There Are Some Real
Pitfalls To Watch Out For!

I'll try to give you pointers about how to avoid scams and junk along the way.

Initially the reviews here will be incomplete and contain publicly available data. But as time goes on, and I narrow down my choices a bit, I will actually take some models for test runs, and report on my findings here.

Various Treadmill Models

I will add to this list of treadmill models as I get a chance. Some of the links will be live, and some will just hold the place for a coming treadmill review.

  • Proform Treadmills -- Proform is made by Icon Fitness, which is about the only company that sells treadmills for under $1000. I would avoid the Proform machines they sell for under $500. Most come with a 300lb weight limit, and, even if you are well under 300lbs, this should be cause for concern. However, their machines right around $1000 generally get good marks, and look to be a great bargain for people on a tight budget. Click to learn more . . . all proform models, 1200 (I'm very impressed with this model, and it's price has recently dropped from $1299 to $999), 730, crosswalk, 1800, 930i

  • Smooth Treadmills

  • HealthRider Treadmills Health rider is a step up from Proform. They are a little more heavy duty, and also cost a little more. Prices range from $799 to $1599. Click the link to look at their treadmills. I'll get to reviewing these soon.

  • Woodway Treadmills

  • Lifestyler Treadmills

  • Pacemaster Treadmills

  • Schwinn 820P

  • Nordic Trac Treadmills

  • . . . and possibly some others.

I hope you will check back from time to time to see how the treadmill reviews are going.

Thank you for reading this.


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