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Coconut Oil for Weight Loss?
Bruce Fife claims that you can lose more weight by substituting coconut oil for other fats.
What Makes Us Gain Weight Fast?
Is it the Carbs that make us fat? Or is it the fat that makes us fat? The answer might surprise you.
Stress Article:
Find out how stress affects your low carb diet.
Induction Junction, What's Your Function?:
Is the Induction phase of the low carb diet necessary? Is it good for us?
Zebras, Ulcers and Low Carb Diets:
How can we cope with the stress that sabotages our diets?
Take Credit When You Lose Weight, Pass The Buck When You Gain!:
Our mental outlook matters. You will have less stress if you take credit when you lose weight, but blame something else when you gain. Find out why...
Why Some Low Carb Dieters Should Consider Counting Calories:
For some the low carb way helps them achieve all their goals without counting calories. But this is probably the minority. Find out what to do...


Find out why almost everyone cheats, and how you can stop.
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