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Low Carb Poetry

Here are some low carb poems I wrote.

Some are corny and didn't take much time (the limericks).

Others took a bit longer, and I hope they aren't as corny.


The Way Less Traveled

Ahhh, when I look upon the low fat way
the way I tried and tried and tried again
the way was hard and long and brought dismay
from starving virtue until binging sin.

And when I look upon that way I see
a source of many cravings gnawing deep
with meals of sweet and empty calorie
that made me high until they made me weep.

The day was sweet, that day I'd finally learn
how insulin can come so strong and fast--
the day I'd finally make the low carb turn
and feel like I had never in the past.

The inches melted fast at first, then slow
I gained an almost tantric peace within
A zen-like middle way I'd come to know--
No hungry virtue and no binging sin.

Ahhh when I look upon the low carb way
the way I'm happy knowing I have tried
I ponder how I feel and have to say
The way has left me fully satisfied.

Stopping by the Fridge on a Hungry Evening

Whose carbs these are, I do not know
I think I'll quickly toss them, though.
I will not have a starch attack
Until my six-pack abbers show.

My body needs a low carb snack
To keep from gaining inches back
Some sausage or some eggs with cheese
Will keep my weight loss goals on track.

Don't tempt me with your noodles please.
I must stand firm to lose with ease.
This time I will not face defeat
I have the will of Hercules.

No taters, candy, corn or wheat
I've months before my time's complete
And pounds to go before I cheat.
And pounds to go before I cheat.

It's Not Whether You Cheat, But How You Cheat

I tried a low carb diet long ago
but didn't want to give some vices up
I still had coffee, nitrites, salt, and lo
I often had a nutra-sweetened cup
I lost a good amount of weight at first
but when I stalled my habits got to me
the caffeine and the nutrasweety thirst
did undermine my will to stay carb free
I gained the weight all back and mulled it o'er
I'd visited the realm of "almost thin"
Then came I back three steps from fatdom's door
I had to try the low carb thing again.
But this time I would do with fewer cheats
the nutrasweety drinks would go away
I'd eat less salt, and no nitrited meats
forgive me, though, the coffee had to stay
In spite of caffeine daily in my cup
which slowed me down, i'm sure, but not too much
this time the scale would not creep back up
and thindom's door came close enough to touch.
Sometimes it does take more than one good try
How many tries depends on how one eats
I'm starting to discern the reason why--
we each must find our right amount of cheats.


I went and bought some keto sticks today
A doctor said they'd help me lose some weight
He'd tried them for a week and had to say
They worked real well but didn't taste that great.

An Atkins Limerick

When people start calling you "fatkins"
It's time to start studying Atkins.
Enjoyment is easy
but food is so greasy
you'll have to stock up on some natkins.

High fat limerick

Yes, get lots of fat in your diet
feel free in your cooking to fry it.
Some experts advise
that this way is not wise
but the tape makes it hard to deny it.

Thank you for reading this low carb poetry.


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