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PSSST . . . I just got my Low Carb Discussion Forum Up. Check it out. Be one of the first to post. Find the "Low Carb Alphabet Poem" and contribute a line :-).

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Low Carb Inspiration

The Importance of Low Carb Friends:
Low carb friends can save your diet when friends and family are against you.
Why You Must Keep a Low Carb Cheat Journal:
Do you know why you cheat when you cheat? Do you know exactly? If you don't it will be difficult to develop a precise strategy for changing your behavior.
6 Life-Transforming Low Carb Incantations:
Low Carb Incantations can help you crave meat and vegetables, and shun sugar and starch.
It's OK To Weigh Every Day:
Have you been told that you should weigh only once a week? Let me ease your mind.
Low Carb Poetry:
Some iambic pentameter, some frost-like verse, and some limericks, from yours truly.


Find out why almost everyone cheats, and how you can stop.
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