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This article about low carb incantations was the feature article in an issue of "Coffee With Jim".

"6 Life-Transforming Low Carb Incantations"

I want to share with you some low carb incantations I wrote. They have helped me succeed on my low carb diet, and I believe they can help you, too -- if you can get past the silliness factor and actually use them.

I got the idea after buying Wellington Rodrigues's book The Secrets of Personal Magnetism. In the book he gives two sets of incantations. One set is designed to help you have more confidence. The second set is designed to affect your view of others -- to make it so that you genuinely like them and believe you have something to learn from them. That's a great combination. If you've ever met someone who is very confident, and they seem to like you, you know how attractive this is. The thing is, by reciting the incantations to yourself daily -- as if you really believe them -- a change starts to take place.

Now I'd like to think I wasn't positively repulsive before doing Wellington's incantations, but I do have to say that I noticed a difference in the way people interacted with me almost immediately after starting the incantations. And after a couple of weeks the new attitude was almost second nature, and people just seemed to be more naturally drawn to me.

(The thing I really appreciate is that Wellington's book is very unlike some books on persuasion and magnetism. It's not about USING others. Wellington doesn't focus on using the material to assist in shady sales tactics, or seducing new lovers against their better judgment. It's just about gaining a more magnetic personality.)

The main point for my purposes here is that the incantations he gives work!

This success made me think. "Why not try to change my attitude towards food by reciting low carb incantations to myself?"

Well I gave it a try. I made up some low carb incantations, and started reciting them to myself daily. And guess what? They have made staying on track almost effortless and even delightful. Really!

So here they are. Silly, but deadly effective!

Low Carb Incantations

  1. I can't stand how starch makes me feel, and I have made up my mind to resist it completely.

  2. Colorful vegetables fill me with enthusiasm for life. When I eat them I pump my fist and say "YES!" [Now try eating broccoli without smiling!]

  3. Sugary snacks are deadly poison and make me rot from the inside out. I will not eat them no matter how hard others try to push them on me.

  4. Water is beautiful. It wakes me up, cleans me out, and puts a completely charming gleam in my eye.

  5. Protein! Protein! Protein! Mmmmm Protein! Me love protein! Protein make me strong! [say it like cookie monster]

  6. I am in the process of revealing to the world my lean, strong, sexy self. Watch out world! You're not going to believe your eyes!

Now what has worked well for me is to say each of these three times in the morning.

Each time you say an incantation to yourself, really try to experience the meaning of what you are saying, and believe what you are saying. Feel the message. Make it a part of you.

Also, you definitely want to VOCALIZE the incantations. This will let you HEAR and FEEL the words as well as SEE them, and they will be able to become a part of you more quickly that way.

Now if you say them out loud, you will probably want to do your incantations at a time when you are alone, since you probably don't want to let others hear what you are saying (*blush*).

With that said, I actually like to take out my incantations and mumble the words under my breath to myself in a coffee house. I guess that's only semi-private.

Or, I will recite them when I am walking from one place to another.

Once you more or less memorize the lines, you can do your incantations in the shower. Or, if you're really ambitious, you can print them out and laminate them, and hang them up in the shower. That's a perfect place for reciting incantations.

Now, since there is a high silliness factor here, I'm guessing some of you are tempted to let this advice pass you by.

Don't do that!

Please, give it a shot.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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