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Kobe Beef

Kobe beef, which comes from Japanese Wagyu beef, can go for over $100 per pound. This kind of cattle has been bred over the years in the Kobe region of Japan. The meat is the tenderest you're ever likely to taste, and is the meat equivalent of a $1000 bottle of wine.

Expect Kobe beef to come down in price some over the next decade or so. Maybe it will be down to only $20 per pound in ten years.

Why do I say this? Well, researchers at Washington State University have been able to crack the genetic breeding and feeding codes required to produce the finest Kobe Beef.

And Kobe Beef America has made it their mission to bring this fine food to America.

There are many Wagyu venders in California and the West, but few turn out Kobe beef. Those that do actually send their Wagyu cattle to Kobe Japan for "finishing". Kobe Beef America claims to be able to turn out genuine Kobe beef, finished properly, and aged 21 days, and they are beginning to make this secret available widely in America.

Is Kobe Beef Worth the Price?

Wagyu beef is the finest beef around. Is it worth the price? Probably not for most people on a regular basis. But if you want to top off an already memorable experience, and cost is a secondary consideration, you should definitely think about trying Kobe Beef.

According to the California BBQ Association, the tenderloin of Kobe beef is said to have the consistency of butter, and is easy to cook badly. It doesn't hold up well over open flames, and is best seared and then cooked a little more slowly, so that it is dark on the outside, but still fairly rare on the inside.

But if Kobe beef is cooked correctly, eating it is said to be an absolutely heavenly experience.

Now, with that said, I have to confess that I haven't yet had the pleasure of tasting this modern marvel. But I'm itching to. One of my colleagues is seriously thinking about raising some Wagyu beef, and that might give me the chance I need.

Hey, we all deserve a treat once in a while! Might as well make it a $40 Kobe beef steak!

Best wishes meeting your weight loss and wellness goals.


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Jim Stone

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