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NOTE: Jim Stone, does not actually endorse "trying to look like a skeleton".

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"Hi. This is Jim Stone here. I want to invite you to take a short break with me every once in a while and join me for coffee (or whatever you like to drink).

Right now I'm sitting here at my desk in a black leather chair, staring at my new flat screen monitor, sipping a little coffee (with cream), and remembering a recent conversation I had with a friend.

My friend Michelle is a quilter, and she wants to start a newsletter for quilters. She knows that I write a popular newsletter for low carb dieters, and the other day she asked me how to get people to subscribe to her newsletter, and enjoy it enough to tell their friends about it. (Most new subscribers to "Coffee With Jim" come from friends telling friends).

I hadn't thought about it for a while, becuase it seems that this newsletter has pretty much just grown on its own.

But I rarely pass up a chance to hear myself talk, so I answered anyway :-)

I said, "You know, if you're my subscriber, and I want you to become a raving fan, I have to make sure that -- every issue -- I give you something you can really use, and something you can't get anywhere else. Since you can unsubscribe with the click of a button, I have to deliver something that can change your life -- or at least your perspective -- or you'll say 'Good bye!'

"So I try to keep it interesting and unique. Sometimes I will review products that might help you with your low carb diet. I might review low carb books and low carb food (just like everyone else), but I will also review things like treadmills and barbeques (unlike everyone else). These can play just as big a role in a low carb success story as do the books and foodstuffs.

"I also try to write inspirational (and sometimes mind-blowing) articles that give you a new way of looking at things."

"And you'll see me challenge conventional wisdom at times -- like I did with my 'It's OK to Weigh Every Day!' article.

"Every once in a while, I'll show you that I have a softer side, and I'll include a poem or a short story."

"And I won't clog up your inbox by sending you stuff too often. I aim for about once a month.

"Also, . . . and this is VERY important: I have to make it so you feel comfortable when you're signing up. I have to find a way to make it so you KNOW that I will will never misuse your email address, or even go so far as to send you something I didn't tell you about up front when you subscribed."

"Those things are all very important," I said. "If you can do something like that, you'll probably have fair number of very faithful subscribers."

Honestly, I was kind of answering just to answer. Everything was true, but you know how it goes when you talk off the top of your head a bit.

But you know what? As I reflected on my answer, I realized that all of those things must actually be a big part of the story.

Anyway, . . .

. . . whatever the reason is, thousands of low carb dieters now get "Coffee With Jim".

But there's ALWAYS room for one more.

Won't you join us?

So What's In "Coffee With Jim"?

The best way to find out what this newsletter is all about is just to go through some back issues and see for yourself. Some are humorous, and some are straightforwardly informative. But they're always full of things that apply to followers of the low carb way of life.

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You should know that I take your privacy very seriously. Here is my privacy policy.

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