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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Low Carb Discussion Forums


There are many good forums on the WWW for low carb dieters. One of my favorites is forum.lowcarber.com.

So why on earth would I start my own forum at:

Well, I finally figured out that I can do some neat things by combining the forum with my newsletter. I can discuss the topics I'm interested in. I can start some interactive group games. And we'll just see how it goes.

Anyway. Check it out.



Saturday, May 21, 2005

It's OK to weigh every day . . .

Hi fellow Low Carb Dieters!

As many of you know I had to restrict the flow of email messages that were coming from all of you a while back, just due to the sheer numbers. However, I miss a lot of the feedback I used to get.

I can remember many people in the past who have taught me valuable lessons and tips that I never would have thought of. Let's face it, collectively we are simultaneously running thousands of little experiments in living, and collectively we all have more wisdom than any one of us has on our own.

That led me to search for ways to allow you to give me feedback about my low carb articles automatically.

Well, I just discovered a great service. Blogger.com. Actually, I'm not very cutting-edge in discovering this. Many of you probably have your own blogs already. Well I'm finally joining the revolution.

I will still post articles on my site. But at the end of each article (eventually) I will provide a link that says something like "view or post a comment".

If you follow the link, you will be taken to a blog entry devoted to the article, and you can post comments on the article, or read comments that others have made.

I do have to ask that you play nice, and don't use profanity, or abuse the privelege in other ways. I still have veto power, and I will use my power for good :-) Do email me if you find another person's comment offensive, too. Though I reserve the right to make the final judgment.

To kick things off, I would love feedback on my article, "It's OK To Weigh Every Day". Here is a link to the article:


I know this is a blast from the past for most of you, but I wanted to try out this commenting thing as soon as possible.

Stay tuned. I've got some more new original articles on the way, and if this works out, I'll continue to invite comments on all my articles (except the exclusive reviews, of course).

Thanks a ton, as always.


Saturday, April 30, 2005

My other non-low carb projects . . .


I wanted to share with you some of the other projects I'm working on, so you'll know why I haven't been writing as much about the low carb way of life lately.

I have been exposed to something called the Taguchi method for designing experiements. And I've been designing experiments for almost everything I can think of.

Some of these might prove lucrative -- like my experiments with advertising. I am trying to sell a software product, and start a consulting business involving just this -- see my site http://www.splittestaccelerator.com

I'm also dabbling with golf experiements, and will chart my progress with golf here at http://www.golfswingschools.com

Finally, and this should interest you, I am starting to experiment with recipes. I hope to take famous recipes -- like Mrs. Fields Cookies -- and IMPROVE them! I know that sounds audacious, but I can search through thousands of recipes with a single taste test, if it's set up right.

I also plan to use this for the light side (as opposed to the dark side), and come up with some low carb recipes that are quite tasty.

Just wanted to let you know what I've been up to.