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Here is a list of many of the past low carb articles from "Coffee With Jim". If you want to be notified when new articles are posted, click here (opens in a new window).

Coming Soon . . . Coming Soon . . .
"Once Upon A Time I Tried To Be A CAVEMAN . . ." I Think This One's Funny. Some People Don't.
"Take Credit When You Lose Weight, Pass The Buck When You Gain" "Why Some Low Carb Dieters Should Consider Counting Calories"
"Induction Junction, What's Your Function?" "Zebras, Ulcers, and Low Carb Diets"
"6 Life-Transforming Low Carb Incantations" "It's OK to Weigh Every Day!"
"Stress And Your Low Carb Diet" "Why You Must Keep a Low Carb Cheat Journal"
"Why You Must Find Some Low Carb Friends" "What Causes Us To Gain Weight Fast?"
"Some Low Carb Poetry" "Coconut Oil -- For Weight Loss?"

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P.S. Webmasters and other publishers should note that I grant permission to reprint many of these issues, provided you follow the instructions that follow the article. If no instructions follow the article, then no permission is granted.


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