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PSSST . . . I just got my Low Carb Discussion Forum Up. Check it out. Be one of the first to post. Find the "Low Carb Alphabet Poem" and contribute a line :-).

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Thank you for visiting The Low Carb Way.

This site exists to serve as a source of inspiration and information for low carb dieters. More content is being added to the site every month. It currently has some low carb diet-related articles, reviews, some general resource information, some recipes, some poetry, and even a discussion forum.

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Feel free to take a look around. Here are the main areas of the site:
Low Carb Reviews:
So far I have reviewed several items, including: Hoodia Gordonii, Some Treadmills, and some books.

I plan to review other low carb books, software, and products, including low carb packaged foods and barbecues!

Here you will find articles about the theoretical basis of low carb dieting, as well as theory about how to best carry out a low carb diet. More articles will be added from time to time.
Here you will find some poetry, and some inspiring and encouraging articles.
Here you will find some general low carb information. Food lists, food groupings, etc.
Here you will find some recipes. An emphasis will be given to variety and ease of preparation.

Also, make sure you check out my book. It's called: Stop Cheating On Your Low Carb diet!.

Well, that's about it. All that's left is for you to poke around a bit and make sure you sign up for "Coffee With Jim".

Best wishes meeting your weight loss and wellness goals.


Jim Stone


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